The instrumental tracks below were recorded in several different ways over the past few years, none of them involving anything remotely like a professional recording studio. The tracks Embrace the Dank and Men of Steel feature Steve Carodiskey on bass and Sammy Sosa on drums. The rest all feature drums programmed by me (using a couple of different drum machines), and of course tons of guitars!

Return of The Cranberry

This tune was named in honor of a cat I used to have named Miles, when he returned home after being gone for a week. Although it kinda sounds like the theme to a TV show to me, maybe one about Vikings.

Romani Blues

An improvisation with an acoustic guitar tuned to an open G minor tuning, which I then went back and double-tracked. For some reason this sounds like a gypsy song to me.

Stupor Fly

A neo-funk thing in the key of F#, which is for some reason my favorite key. The time signature is mostly 5/8 which is probably not so danceable, but that didn't keep Dave Brubeck off of the cover of TIME Magazine, did it?

Four Plus Five Plus Six

I read an article about math-rock and this is what I imagined maybe it sounded like. The title refers to the rhythmic structure of the different phrases.


An improvisation (with a few overdubs) based around a drum-pattern that was a preset on the Zoom 8-track recorder I owned at the time, for which I wrote a bass line to noodle over. This was before I burned up the Zoom by accidentally plugging in the wrong AC power adaptor.

Embrace The Dank

Bass: Steve Carodiskey
Drums: Sammy Sosa
Guitar: CV
An old friend told me once, as we partied in a dilapidated, gnarly basement: "Sometimes you just gotta embrace the dank!"

Work Play Music

The title comes from an old David Lee Roth quote: "You don't work music... you play music!" So just imagine DLR singing that over this and it should make perfect sense.

Where Are You

This track is essentially just a long improv guitar solo, with the occasional diminshed chord interlude. However it does contain the single coolest note I ever played on the guitar (it happens at the 0:50 mark).

Men of Steel

Bass: Steve Carodiskey
Drums: Sammy Sosa
Guitar: CV
Another rehearsal jam. You can hear us fumbling the theme a bit at the start, but then it locks in tighter than Fort Knox!


This track is named after a girlfriend. A spontaneous, "new-agey" acoustic improv that ended up double-tracked, with a third guitar adding a little texture towards the end. From 3:37—3:40 you can hear my cat Dolphy singing in the background :)

All selections written by Christopher Volkstorf and ©2020

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